Every three months or so, the Unscripted Players host their own short-form games night at the BIT Bar. Two teams ‘compete’ against one another for improv glory through short-form games such as ‘Die Story’, ‘Hands Free’ and ‘Half-Life.’ Think Whose Line is it Anyway?

These nights are an opportunity for those who are new to improv and performing to get a feel for being on stage in front of an audience. This event is free for everyone to attend!

The upcoming Throwdowns for 2019 are:

  • Thursday 21st February - 7.30pm

  • Thursday 9th May - 7.30pm

  • Thursday 29th August - 7.30pm

Rehearsals will take at 5pm in the BIT on the Sunday prior to the Throwdown.

If you’d like to take part please feel free to email us to register your interest.