The Unscripted Player's produce three shows a year which are for all ages and abilities! 



15th & 16th- NOVEMBER 2019

Level Up is an improvised video-game where the audience are the controller. We are going to explore the world of gaming you never get to see. Directed by Ros Beeson.

Yes, Dark Lord - a group of goblins are trying to convince the evil dark lord that it totally wasn’t their fault. A commedia dell'arte-esque show Directed by Nathan Hook.

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July 2019

Origin of Heroes is an improvised story exploring how the relationship between superhero and villain came to be and how they gained their powers. Directed by Chris Lock.


Unplanned Planet is an improvised musical nature documentary in the style of Planet Earth. Where nature is presented on stage using physicality, dance and songs. Directed by Will Gawned & Simon Hembra.


April 2019

The Stuff of Dreams - an improvised exploration of the relationship between dreams and reality directed by Cat Murphy.

The Only Way Is Improv - an improvised reality TV show directed by Alice O’Brien. 

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Credit to James Pepper for photography

Credit to James Pepper for photography

November 2018

Bite Me! - is an improvised supernatural high school drama directed by Scott Mooney. 

20/20 Foresight - is an improvised speculation of two possible futures following a minor decision point directed by Will Gawned.


July 2018

What a Difference A Friend Makes - An improvised exploration of love and friendship over a lifetime. Directed by Llaura Hughes.

Detect This - A comedy-crime-drama, where a pair of quirky detectives solve a mysterious case and their own differences simultaneously. Directed by Anna Kemp.

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April 2018

The Big April Show featuring two new unscripted plays:

Cut to the Flashback - One of the best things about long running TV series is the inevitable clip show where our favourite characters reminisce about all those great moments... the love, the mistakes, the laughter... Cut to the Flashback skips all those unnecessary TV hours to bring you all the best bits of a never-before-seen, made-up-just-for-you TV show.

Greeks Bearing Gifts A mythical comedy in the style of Greek tragedy, Greeks Bearing Gifts follows the story of a protagonist cursed with a fatal flaw. Beset upon by Gods and Monsters, watch their tale unfold. Will they overcome impossible odds? Do they get their comeuppance? Noone can avoid the destiny set out by the Fates! Ancient tradition mixed with modern improv produces a spectacle of epic proportions featuring hubris, catharsis and hilarity.


November 2017

The Big November Show (2017) featuring two great acts (with support from Bristol local group Steve's & Wooster)...

Chat 22 - An improvised live televised talk show! Your favourite hosts welcome celebrities, expert guests and more to review and discuss the latest tv, film and art. Expect shocking revelations and heartfelt stories as the hosts (and the cast) try to keep it together!

Some Sing About Mary - Do you remember how we met? It's a funny story... Join UP for the perfect improvised 90s romantic comedy musical! Touching on the iconic moments of the genre, each night see an original story about story of love, loss laughter and get ready to sing your heart out. 


Our Street

November 2016

On a quiet street, just like yours, a drama worth of the very best television soap-operas is brewing! Three households, one big event and no script! Expect sparks to fly and secrets to be revealed when the friends, families and neighbours come calling. Our Street shows you what really could happen behind closed doors.


July 2016

Just beyond our world lies the mystical and frankly ludicrous realm of Otherworld where anything is possible, a land of fairytale creatures and magical nonsense. A shadow has fallen across Otherworld, yet a seemingly inconsequential individual will be the one who defeats the ultimate evil. Join our hero on a quest into the unknown, to save a world from despair and perhaps its inhabitants from their own stupidity.

The Big UP Theatre Throwdown

April 2016

On two consecutive nights, teams of improvisers battled it out with games, scenes and a dash of craziness - leading to one team winning the coveted trophy and taking their place in improv history!

What The Future Holds

December 2015

We are Future Tech the worlds most advanced R&D company. Our goal is to make your tomorrows today, your dreams achievable and your inventions real. Thanks to our state-of-the-art simulation technology, we can render the consequence of any invention - no matter how paradigm-busting! Join our beloved CEO and visionary founder, together with our crack development team and get ready to discover what the future holds.